5 things you must know when you are looking to buy electrical chain hoists

Over the last few years, electrical chain hoist has fast grown into popularity in the industry. Its demand has sharply gone up, leaving far behind the other options for the same work. Here are some crucial things that you should know before you plunge into buying the one.

Whether you search the chain in stores around you or online, height of the lift is a vital factor that you must take into consideration. This is the distance from the load level to the underside of the lifting beam that hoist is fixed to. So when you are buying a chain, you should ensure that the chain is perfect to be used for that height your lift has. However, different types of chain can be used for the same height, take for example cm lodestar electric chain hoists one of the most widely used hoists available in the market.


The next thing that you are to consider before go ahead and make the purchase of an electrical hoist is the safe working load. This is the maximum capacity the hoist will be required to lift and is usually measured in kilograms. It is very important to ensure that beam that the hoist is fixed to has been rightly examined and considered fit to lift the maximum capacity.

How you will suspend your electrical chain hoist from the beam is also a vital thing to consider. You can fit the hoist in whether a fixed position or in a variable position, using a horizontally travelling beam trolley. This allows for horizontal travel the ‘I’ beam. So if you want to buy the right cm chain hoists, you must keep this in mind.

CM Chain Hoist

Another must-to-consider thing would be voltage of your electric chain hoist. The voltages used may vary. They may be 110, 230 or 400 on single or three-phase connections. Single phase units tend to be more expensive because they use specially designed motors to transfer power effectively in case of low power supply voltage.

Electric Chain Hoist

The head room can create a problem when lifting with an electrical chain hoist. So in the case of a low headroom, a low headroom hoist should be used to ensure you have maximum hook path distance and room to pick and manage loads below. So when you are looking for a chain, it is important to keep this thing in mind.


CM Electric Chain Hoists With Varying Lift Capacities

Among the different categories of heavy-duty material handling equipment, the different types of chain hoists are a popular breed as they are more effective than the forklifts. The equipment has a compact body design whatever be the mode of operation. This enables the easy attachment on the trolleys even in spaces that have restricted headroom. The easy mounting on the trolley systems enables the smooth movement of the load from one part of the production area to the other with ease.


Choosing the right equipment

The investment that you make on a reliable brand is sure to give you the ROI as they are helpful in speeding up production and also cutting down dependence on manual labor. The best way that you can make use of this technology is by picking the equipment that is best suited for your production unit. Among the most popular and reliable brands the cm electric chain hoists are available in all modes of operation that are suited for different needs of industries. Each of the machinery are powered with inbuilt load cut-off facilities to ensure safe operations in the units.


Made to last

The electric chain hoists are suitable for heavy duty units that are involved in the cyclic production. They come in varying weight lifting and height rising capacities. There are also variances in power supply compatibility. The three phase machines are the most robust and have better performance capacities than the single phase. The machinery parts of the hoist systems are greased for a lifetime so that the operations are practically maintenance free. They also have extremely quiet operation abilities that aid in the effective production process in the otherwise noisy production units.


Sturdy CM Chain Hoists Facilitate Material Handling

Chain hoist is a part of the material handling machinery that is used to lift or lower loads that may be attached to it by a drum or a lift wheel. While the chain actually lifts the load, the drum is moved either by electricity or even manually depending on the model of the machine. But the common chain hoists are mostly electrically operated where the chain is the medium that lifts the load. There are several components that are involved in the operation of the hoist.

Efficient material handling gear

The leading brand of cm chain hoists are available in various configurations that cater to different load capacities. The capacity can range from as little as one-eighth of a ton to that of six tons. The medium range of one and two tons are among the most popular used in the industries, manufacturing units and a host of other places. Investing on a hoist is a wise decision that most businesses make as it helps in the quick material handling saving labor costs and augmenting production. This kind of material handling equipment also ensures that there is a better safety at the workplace.


With detailed specifications

Most of the chain hoists are made to withstand the heavy traffic of material handling in the industrial sector. They have several safety options as is visible from the cm lodestar chain hoist set. The entire machine system ensures that the operation is easy, and the vital parts such as the brake are located conveniently outside the box so as to facilitate the stopping of the operation at any time required. The clutch too is placed outside the gear box so that it allows for better access and requires less downtime for the assembly.


Choosing the right chain host for your industry

In the industry where heavy objects, equipment or machinery need to be lifted, chain hoist come as the best way to do this. It involves relatively less risks and that is one of the prime reasons that chain hoists are increasingly used across the industry. But it is always a daunting task to choose the right one. Here is the most useful look at what it takes to pick the best of options available on the market.

With advent of internet and access to it through diverse devices, it would be pretty easy for you to find the one. But it is yet, if not for all, for most, like a nightmare to purchase the premium electric chain hoists for the lowest prices, as you do not what you should do pre-purchase.



Like other manufacturers of other products, there is quite good competition in the chain hoist market. Manufacturers are toiling hard, leaving no stone unturned, in order to get an edge over their peers. They are offering advance features at the most competitive prices. A little effort and you will easily come out with the best option within your budget.



Features vary starkly, and so you are to purchase chain hoist, considering your requirements. For lighter objects, manual hoist with just a few basic features will work well. But when it comes to lifting heavy objects, equipment or machinery, an electric chain hoist with advanced features becomes inevitable for your industry. Get the one that have all the features that you think would be needed to get the work done properly.

Secure Lodestar Chain Hoist Facilitate Industrial Lifting

A chain hoist is a lifting device that is portable and can be operated either manually or electrically. They are suitable for large industrial or even any small places of work such as a garage, workshops or warehouses where loading and unloading of goods is a frequent affair.  In places where there is electricity, especially within the warehouses, the use of the electrical variant such as the lodestar chain hoist is common. Depending on the electrical connection available, you can opt from the single phase or the multiple phase machines.

Operating with the lever

lodestar chain hoistThe lever chain hoist is a small unit, portable and has a capacity of up to 5 tons but more popular among them are the 1 ton or ½ ton hoists. The handle of the lever operates the simple gear that pulls the short load chain. The load, in turn, is supported by the friction brake and the lowering and rising of the load is facilitated by the simple operation of the device. The free chaining allows for fast load attachment, and the operation can be a simple one-handed affair. The gear is covered by a case that is both durable as well as lightweight to facilitate portability.

Convenient placement of gears

The specialty of the cm lodestar chain hoist is that it has high-quality ball bearings attached to the hooks that allow for free rotation of the load. In case, the hooks are overloaded they will not be parallel as the springs will pry open. The chains of the hoist are made of durable steel that are also powder-coated so as to resist rusting. Since they deal with the lifting of loads that can be cumbersome, all operation gears are kept to the exterior so as to facilitate easy running as well as stopping of the movements in case of emergencies.

Advantages of Electric Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists eliminate the need for extra personnel, reduce the cost of labor and create a safer work environment. With the advancement of technology electric hoists have become more dependable and durable. They’re the best choice for manufacturing, maintenance, and in distribution of transporting materials.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Electric hoists are built to lift extremely heavy material and equipment safely and conveniently. Regular maintenance and inspection will insure it works properly.
  • A degree of allowable side pull which allows for movement in any direction possible.
  • Available in single and three phase power. Single phase, lighter load capacities and three phase power, heavier load capacities.
  • Additional options are available such as longer lift lengths, radio control, a variable frequency drive, hoist overload protection (prevents the hoist from lifting loads that are over their capacity and accidents from occurring), rotary limit switch, manipulator control and much more.
  • A long lift application option is available as well.
  • Low headroom design great for compact work spaces. They are designed with the hook to the side of the hoist body.  This results in lifting loads at any height.
  • Food grade options are also available they include stainless steel load chain, lower hooks and bottom blocks, that use special food grade lubricant. These hoists are used in food processing plants and hygienic work areas.

How to Choose

When purchasing an electric chain hoist you should look for distributors that have superior customer service, expertise, and competitive prices. Customers should visit sites that are simple and easy to navigate through.  The best websites feature a handpicked selection of  quality and reputable brands making choosing easier. Testimonials are helpful as well, they reflect a company’s commitment to it’s customers.

It can be difficult choosing the right brand and model of an electric chain hoist since there are many different features and options to choose from.  Look for reputable brands that are known for their quality products and services. It’s always best to do some research and contact the distributor/manufacturer you’ll be purchasing from before buying so you can choose the right electric hoist for the job.

Efficient Operations with Electric and Hand Chain Hoists

Chain hoists are the most versatile lifting equipment there is. They come in various capacities which can reach up to 50 tons. They are able to continuously lift heavy loads on a daily basis. Therefore, businesses can not afford to compromise the quality of their chain hoists.  It is important for these tools to be strong  and dependable. Also, because they’re expensive products they’re an investment for any business.

Hoists are available in different variations; electric, pneumatic, manual, and lever. Electric hoists especially are known for being efficient and convenient. For example, a well built 1 ton electric chain hoist has many features for added safety and reliability. A standard model carries a powerful motor inside a compact design that helps prevent air components from degrading the motor’s condition. The addition of an electric chain hoist is beneficial to any material handling business.

Hand chain hoists are a great alternative to electric hoists especially for outdoor areas and locations without electricity. They’re also more affordable and just as dependable and durable. Chain hoists are now made with built in advanced functionalities such as overload protection that prevents the hoist from lifting over capacity.

Overall, chain hoists are indispensable tools for any industrial business. They allow businesses to be more productive and an opportunity to grow. Before buying any kind of hoist it’s best to consult the vendor in order to buy the appropriate one that meets the requirements/demands of the job.