Day by day, as technology is advancing, it is providing you with more opportunities to lead a problem free life. The time to operate your hoists manually has gone. Now the time has finally come when you can use electrically operated pneumatically driven hoists. You can find the applications of electric chain hoists in different areas viz. Manufacturing industry or transport industry and maintenance sectors as well. You can use these types of hoists on different cranes like jib cranes, overhead cranes, etc. Chain hoists are even useful for your garage and workstations.

Different types of lodestars available

9860CM Lodestar electric chain hoists are the most versatile chain hoistschain hoists that have come up with both three phase and single power supply switches. Lodestar chain hoist of different measures is now available in the market. They range from 0.5 to 20 tons. You can even come across electric chain hoists of 1/8 or ¼ tons. They work with different lifting media like load chains, drum wrap, ropes, etc. These hoists are though often available at a very reasonable price, guarantee high reliability, durability and remarkably low maintenance cost. Since 50 years, the lodestars have successfully maintained the track of performing the hardest job in the manufacturing sector.

Different features of lodestars

The lodestars often termed as chain motors have emerged with a lot of significant features. Some of those include regenerative brake for heavy duty motor, lifetime warranty, a solid starting switch, a pushbutton station of rugged NEMA 4, a protector standard of capacity overload, a lift wheel machined by the heat treatment of an alloy wheel. CM chain motors have a speed ratio of 6:1 i.e. a dual speed motors. As a result, you get a precise, efficient handling out of this low speed that will be very much useful for you in lowering heavy loads, assembly work, mounting, etc.


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