Chain hoists are the most versatile lifting equipment there is. They come in various capacities which can reach up to 50 tons. They are able to continuously lift heavy loads on a daily basis. Therefore, businesses can not afford to compromise the quality of their chain hoists.  It is important for these tools to be strong  and dependable. Also, because they’re expensive products they’re an investment for any business.

Hoists are available in different variations; electric, pneumatic, manual, and lever. Electric hoists especially are known for being efficient and convenient. For example, a well built 1 ton electric chain hoist has many features for added safety and reliability. A standard model carries a powerful motor inside a compact design that helps prevent air components from degrading the motor’s condition. The addition of an electric chain hoist is beneficial to any material handling business.

Hand chain hoists are a great alternative to electric hoists especially for outdoor areas and locations without electricity. They’re also more affordable and just as dependable and durable. Chain hoists are now made with built in advanced functionalities such as overload protection that prevents the hoist from lifting over capacity.

Overall, chain hoists are indispensable tools for any industrial business. They allow businesses to be more productive and an opportunity to grow. Before buying any kind of hoist it’s best to consult the vendor in order to buy the appropriate one that meets the requirements/demands of the job.


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