Electric chain hoists eliminate the need for extra personnel, reduce the cost of labor and create a safer work environment. With the advancement of technology electric hoists have become more dependable and durable. They’re the best choice for manufacturing, maintenance, and in distribution of transporting materials.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Electric hoists are built to lift extremely heavy material and equipment safely and conveniently. Regular maintenance and inspection will insure it works properly.
  • A degree of allowable side pull which allows for movement in any direction possible.
  • Available in single and three phase power. Single phase, lighter load capacities and three phase power, heavier load capacities.
  • Additional options are available such as longer lift lengths, radio control, a variable frequency drive, hoist overload protection (prevents the hoist from lifting loads that are over their capacity and accidents from occurring), rotary limit switch, manipulator control and much more.
  • A long lift application option is available as well.
  • Low headroom design great for compact work spaces. They are designed with the hook to the side of the hoist body.  This results in lifting loads at any height.
  • Food grade options are also available they include stainless steel load chain, lower hooks and bottom blocks, that use special food grade lubricant. These hoists are used in food processing plants and hygienic work areas.

How to Choose

When purchasing an electric chain hoist you should look for distributors that have superior customer service, expertise, and competitive prices. Customers should visit sites that are simple and easy to navigate through.  The best websites feature a handpicked selection of  quality and reputable brands making choosing easier. Testimonials are helpful as well, they reflect a company’s commitment to it’s customers.

It can be difficult choosing the right brand and model of an electric chain hoist since there are many different features and options to choose from.  Look for reputable brands that are known for their quality products and services. It’s always best to do some research and contact the distributor/manufacturer you’ll be purchasing from before buying so you can choose the right electric hoist for the job.


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