A chain hoist is a lifting device that is portable and can be operated either manually or electrically. They are suitable for large industrial or even any small places of work such as a garage, workshops or warehouses where loading and unloading of goods is a frequent affair.  In places where there is electricity, especially within the warehouses, the use of the electrical variant such as the lodestar chain hoist is common. Depending on the electrical connection available, you can opt from the single phase or the multiple phase machines.

Operating with the lever

lodestar chain hoistThe lever chain hoist is a small unit, portable and has a capacity of up to 5 tons but more popular among them are the 1 ton or ½ ton hoists. The handle of the lever operates the simple gear that pulls the short load chain. The load, in turn, is supported by the friction brake and the lowering and rising of the load is facilitated by the simple operation of the device. The free chaining allows for fast load attachment, and the operation can be a simple one-handed affair. The gear is covered by a case that is both durable as well as lightweight to facilitate portability.

Convenient placement of gears

The specialty of the cm lodestar chain hoist is that it has high-quality ball bearings attached to the hooks that allow for free rotation of the load. In case, the hooks are overloaded they will not be parallel as the springs will pry open. The chains of the hoist are made of durable steel that are also powder-coated so as to resist rusting. Since they deal with the lifting of loads that can be cumbersome, all operation gears are kept to the exterior so as to facilitate easy running as well as stopping of the movements in case of emergencies.


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