Chain hoist is a part of the material handling machinery that is used to lift or lower loads that may be attached to it by a drum or a lift wheel. While the chain actually lifts the load, the drum is moved either by electricity or even manually depending on the model of the machine. But the common chain hoists are mostly electrically operated where the chain is the medium that lifts the load. There are several components that are involved in the operation of the hoist.

Efficient material handling gear

The leading brand of cm chain hoists are available in various configurations that cater to different load capacities. The capacity can range from as little as one-eighth of a ton to that of six tons. The medium range of one and two tons are among the most popular used in the industries, manufacturing units and a host of other places. Investing on a hoist is a wise decision that most businesses make as it helps in the quick material handling saving labor costs and augmenting production. This kind of material handling equipment also ensures that there is a better safety at the workplace.


With detailed specifications

Most of the chain hoists are made to withstand the heavy traffic of material handling in the industrial sector. They have several safety options as is visible from the cm lodestar chain hoist set. The entire machine system ensures that the operation is easy, and the vital parts such as the brake are located conveniently outside the box so as to facilitate the stopping of the operation at any time required. The clutch too is placed outside the gear box so that it allows for better access and requires less downtime for the assembly.



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