Over the last few years, electrical chain hoist has fast grown into popularity in the industry. Its demand has sharply gone up, leaving far behind the other options for the same work. Here are some crucial things that you should know before you plunge into buying the one.

Whether you search the chain in stores around you or online, height of the lift is a vital factor that you must take into consideration. This is the distance from the load level to the underside of the lifting beam that hoist is fixed to. So when you are buying a chain, you should ensure that the chain is perfect to be used for that height your lift has. However, different types of chain can be used for the same height, take for example cm lodestar electric chain hoists one of the most widely used hoists available in the market.


The next thing that you are to consider before go ahead and make the purchase of an electrical hoist is the safe working load. This is the maximum capacity the hoist will be required to lift and is usually measured in kilograms. It is very important to ensure that beam that the hoist is fixed to has been rightly examined and considered fit to lift the maximum capacity.

How you will suspend your electrical chain hoist from the beam is also a vital thing to consider. You can fit the hoist in whether a fixed position or in a variable position, using a horizontally travelling beam trolley. This allows for horizontal travel the ‘I’ beam. So if you want to buy the right cm chain hoists, you must keep this in mind.

CM Chain Hoist

Another must-to-consider thing would be voltage of your electric chain hoist. The voltages used may vary. They may be 110, 230 or 400 on single or three-phase connections. Single phase units tend to be more expensive because they use specially designed motors to transfer power effectively in case of low power supply voltage.

Electric Chain Hoist

The head room can create a problem when lifting with an electrical chain hoist. So in the case of a low headroom, a low headroom hoist should be used to ensure you have maximum hook path distance and room to pick and manage loads below. So when you are looking for a chain, it is important to keep this thing in mind.


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